Ionosphere Capital provides investment research and analytical support for investors in the airline and related industries. We provide the analytics, forecasts, and valuations required to identify trends and formulate successful investment strategies. 

Our service delivers research notes, presentations and conference calls that proactively analyze the key drivers of revenue, costs, earnings and growth. We identify structural changes and trends in the airline industry and quantify their impact on the airlines and their suppliers. For investors, we focus on those areas where we believe consensus expectations are currently wrong and then tie everything together in a way that allows for the most accurate and up-to-date assessment of key trends and airline valuations. 

We employ unique methodologies and sophisticated modeling to perform robust airline city-pair, airport, fleet, and supply and demand analyses on large data sets. This capability allows us to produce detailed bottom-up expense and revenue estimates for each airline and the industry as a whole. We reconcile this approach with our top-down analysis that takes into account macroeconomic and industry fundamental variables that drive earnings and firm values within the context of the business cycle and shifting industry competition. These dual approaches enable us to deliver a robust set of scenarios and forecasts for investors and suppliers.