TOP TEN REASONS to use our research

1. Airline and related industry research is our exclusive focus; our research support saves our clients time and improves decision-making;
2. We are experienced analysts with a deep understanding of the industry and an extensive and ongoing relationship with industry insiders;
3. Our holistic approach identifies and values all key macroeconomic factors, industry fundamentals, and company-specific economics and financials;
4. We model the entire airline industry using a top-down and bottom-up approach to produce a more accurate understanding of individual carriers;
5. We leverage our extensive databases with a unique methodology that enables a robust analysis of the overall industry as well as individual airlines;
6. Our city-pair analysis provides insights into competitive dynamics and market concentration that enable more accurate fare and revenue estimates;
7. We combine this work with our aircraft and fleet economic analysis to produce a more robust and accurate forecast of earnings and firm value;
8. We provide a ranking of airline valuations, using advanced methodologies to highlight the best ideas and develop an optimal investment strategy;
9. Our analysis relates the airline sector to the broader economy and tracks consensus revenue and earnings estimates;
10. Constantly updated research identifies and estimates key costs and revenue drivers (e.g., regional supply and demand, and alliance and joint venture dynamics) that are compared to consensus expectations.